Elaine P. Allen Landy

Vice President/Wellness Director

Elaine P. Allen Landy is a passionate advocate for health and wellness, currently serving as the Vice President and Wellness Director at Evolution3. Born and raised in Jamaica, Elaine was fortunate to grow up in a household that emphasized healthy eating and instilled in her the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. Her father's influence and guidance laid the foundation for her lifelong commitment to wellness.

During her college years, Elaine was introduced to the fitness world by a respected mentor whom she greatly admired. Initially, her motivation stemmed from wanting to impress him, but it evolved into a deep passion over time. She discovered the profound joy and numerous benefits that accompany regular exercise, and it quickly became an integral part of her daily life.

Now in her 50s, Elaine has gained a heightened understanding of the significance of fitness and wellness. It goes beyond mere aesthetics; it encompasses feeling vibrant, having boundless energy, and living life to the fullest. With this realization, Elaine aspires to inspire those around her to prioritize their health and well-being.

Elaine firmly believes everyone can achieve their health goals regardless of age or circumstances. She is dedicated to encouraging others to embrace nutritious eating, maintain a positive mindset, foster a healthy environment, and pursue activities that bring them joy—rather than succumbing to societal expectations.

In her role at Evolution3, Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. She understands the myriad benefits of regular exercise and the transformative power of wellness in one's life. Her firsthand experience working alongside her husband in the music industry has allowed her to witness the positive impact of prioritizing the well-being of the artists he collaborates with.

Elaine has discovered that exercise enhances physical fitness, boosts mood, and reduces stress levels. By sharing her passion for wellness and promoting healthy habits—such as regular physical activity and balanced nutrition—she aims to inspire artists to adopt similar practices and improve their overall well-being.

Recognizing the demanding and stressful nature of the music industry, Elaine emphasizes the importance of prioritizing wellness for artists. By fostering a culture of well-being and positivity, she believes that artists can effectively manage the pressures of their careers and perform at their best.

Elaine is driven by a genuine desire to continue championing wellness and serving as a positive role model for those around her, personally and within the music industry. She is confident that by placing a premium on well-being, she can contribute to the overall health, productivity, and success of the artists her husband collaborates with at Evolution3.​​


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